Bling Your Tree

Red Christmas ball with pine conesO Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you need some bling! When the Druids brought greenery in for winter soltice they soon began to decorate the trees. The first ornaments were apples and pastries in shapes. America first experienced Christmas trees , as we know them today, two hundred years ago when Hessians brought them from Germany. The Puritans, however, did not approve of the Christmas tree tradition. It wasn’t until families arrived from Germany and England in the 1840’s that people began to decorate trees for Christmas.

In 1880 F.W. Woolworth reluctanly stocked his stores with Christmas ornaments from Germany. The hand -cast lead or hand-blown glass ornaments sold orginally for five or ten cents. By 1890 Woolworth stores were selling $25 million.In time they became elaborate and more expensive.Angels and butterflies of spun glass embellished with silk and wool thread. Some had tinel and chenille . All ornaments came from Germany till 1925, then Japan began to import ornaments in large amounts. Ornaments also came from Czechoslovakia in 1935. There were now 259 million ornamets being imported.

With the threat of World War II on the horizon, in 1939 an American company entered the ornament business.Engineers from Corning used a machine designed to make light bulbs to produed the irst Christmas balls.They were able to make two thousand balls a minute.Who hasn’t hung a hand made ornament on their tree? Strings of popcorn and home made ornaments are on trees across America. They are a link to Christmas past that everyone understands. Whether hand made or expensive creations there are decorations for every taste and budget.Whether the value is personal or monetary, they do more than make our trees pretty.